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In its judgment on the duty to systematically record working time of 14 May 2019 (Ref C-55/18), the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has attracted media attention. According to this, employers are required, in accordance with the European Working Time Directive 2003/88 / EC, to establish reliable systems with which the daily working hours of each employee can be measured. Employee protection and the EU Working Time Directive require companies to establish a system for recording daily hours actually worked.

Operation of the software

For many small and medium-sized businesses and Home-Office, this Law submission is a problem. We solve the problem in a simple and cheap way.
The software is free of charge for up to 4 employees!
Software registration costs $ 65 per year including 15 employees upon registration. For each additional employee $ 3.- 
No additional costs for network (per computer).
We offer you for the first month a free direct access to your computer with the integrated Remote Tool. *

  1. Easiest installation
  2. Maintain your employees and the program is ready for use
  3. At a glance you have the overview of your staff
  4. Entry of field service, illness, vacation, special leave, exemption
         and national holiday
  5. Vacation planner for the whole year
  6. Monthly overview with daily hours
  7. Prints according to time selection total or per person also as PDF
  8. Integrated remote maintenance tool for direct support. *
  9. Export of data in Excel, Access or text file *
  10. clear and user-friendly overall layout
  11. Multilingual menu, network-capable programming
  12. Installation on multiple computers at no extra charge *
  13. Program functions can be learned within a few minutes
  14. Backup function to backup the entire data
  15. Interface to an RFID card and chip reader

Installation and first steps

Administrator area

In this video, I'll show you how, as an administrator of the software, how to set up your software, how to edit login times, recruit new employees, print reports, and back up your data.

Administrator Time Processing

The maintenance of the times is the main task of the administrator. Forgotten login or logout times and work outside the company, Illness and Holiday must be entered here.

* only in the registered version
If you have questions or suggestions to improve the program, please contact us

FGS Time Tracking 2 Years

» FGS-Time Tracking Software

FGS-Time Tracking

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» 17 menu languages

  1. Deutsch Zeiterfassung
  2. English Time Tracking
  3. Italian Registro presenze
  4. French Horodateur
  5. Spain Hora del reloj
  6. Portuguese O relógio que
  7. Nederlands Bijhouden van de tijd
  8. Turkish Zaman saati
  9. norwegian Tidsur
  10. swedish Klocka
  11. serbian Sat
  12. russian Учет рабочего времени
  13. arabic وقت حفظ
  14. chinese 計時
  15. korean 유지 시간
  16. japanese 保持時間

» Description and Help

» Supported Hardware

The program recognizes the installed card and chip reader ACR122U with USB connection.

»  Fully compatible:

FGS programs are compatible with Windows 8.1 and recommended for Windows 10 and 11 (32bit + 64bit).

The freeware version of the program is activated for 4 employees.
If you need it for more staff, you can expand this with a license.

License registration (annually)

Number of Employees

The FGS Software Team recommends Windows 10 and 11
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