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FGS Support

For the registered Cash Book Version , the Restaurant Software and Time Management

We can not provide support for the Freeware Programs.

Free Mail Support

For the registered version of the Cash Book, the Time Management and for the Restaurant Software we offer  free  eMail Service about:


Direct access to your computer

Write an email to: support(at)fgs-ltd.com and describe your problem. If this not work, we will offer you the direct access to your computer.
Since this help is usually done in 15 minutes, we have a good offer:

Remote access to your computer

Restaurant Software

Many Restaurant Owner are overwhelmed with the installation, operation of the software and with the input of the menu.
We help you with training by showing you your questions on your computer with direct access.
How do I get my menu in the program? - We do this for you very cheap (only english):

per menu item computer readable (Excel-, Word-, Access file)     US $ 0.50

per menu item (Menu as a scan or image)     US $ 0.80

(Please note that each menu entry must have a number!)

Prerequisite for direct access to your computer

  1. Please write us your request.
  2. CashBook, Restaurant Software and Time Management: Go Start/FGS-Software and click "Remote"
  3. You start the program on the computer on which the program is installed and which has a good Internet connection.

  4. Please let us know your ID.
  5. When the connection is established, accept the connection .. and the connection is already established.
  6. We will give you a link to PayPal to pay our service providers.

The FGS Software Team recommends Windows 10 and 11
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